Meet us on the following shows in 2015!

Fête de la Pêche à la Mouche
Belgium - Jan. the 31st & Feb. the 1st
UK - February the 7th & 8th
France - February the 21st & 22nd

Germany, April the 18th &19th

Check our rods!


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free shipping

From January the 27th till February the 10th we might have trouble sending out orders containing flies as we are away on shows.
Tying materials will be sent as usually with no disturbance.

Polishquills is a niche fly tying business and a supplier of some specialised fly tying materials, especially hand stripped peacock quills appreciated by our increasing audience worldwide.
One of the biggest selection of barbless flies on the market - tied by us in Poland, with no compromise on quality .

We know our products thoroughly. Our fly tying materials are also all made by us with enormous care, developed over a long period of time, making them perfect for the discerning fly fisher .
Polishquills is not virtual - since 2011 we have had a stand at various fly shows -  Belgian Fair in Charleroi, French shows in Paris and Saint-Etienne, Fly Festival in Denmark as well as the famous EWF in Germany.
Each year we do more and more custom tying for shops - if you are looking for quality barbless flies for your shop - please contact us.

As we are devoted fly anglers and we live by one of the best trout and grayling rivers in Europe, we set up a fishing lodge on the river San, where we have offerered anglers with the ultimate in river fly fishing since 2001.